FUMC Mission Projects

February’s Mission Project was at Pat’s handing out baggies of Hershey’s Hugs, Kisses and Smiles every Tuesday and Saturday for two hour block sessions twice each day.  We had 17 different people participate in distributing these baggies which included with Hershey HUGS & Kisses, smiley faced stickers, and a card with the Church information.  The community was so receptive and all who participated in handing out these blessings were blessed by the experience!  You were faithful in bringing hugs, kisses , smiles and your abundance to this mission!

In March we blessed our community medical facilities with a shamrock plant and a card that we blessed during service. Twenty-four shamrock plants were blesses and delivered to Freeland medical offices for St. Patrick’s Day!

In April we did care-packages for our Nursing Homes.  We distributed : word searches, coffee tray puzzles, crossword puzzles and other fun things that they might be able to do in their rooms.