FUMC Mission Projects

To kick off our Church celebration, the 175th Team designed and sold a special wooden ornament to commemorate the year.

These are still available if you are interested in purchasing.

In January Della Wilder and family created 200 Teacher Survival Kits that were handed out to the Freeland Community School District teachers! They received a poem and bag of treats to help start the new school year!

In February, seventeen different volunteers handed out 1800 bags of Hershey’s Hugs, Kisses, and Smiley face stickers.  The baggies also included a card with the church information about our celebration.  The response from the community was unexpected, from the joy that was spread to the monetary donations we received – the community responded with appreciation as we shared God’s love with them. The donations we received were redirected to the schools for additional classroom supplies.

In March, we blessed our community medical facilities with a shamrock plant and a card. Twenty-four shamrock plants were blessed and delivered to Freeland medical offices for St. Patrick’s Day!

In April, we took care-packages to our Assisted Living Homes. The packages included word searches, coffee tray puzzles, crossword puzzles and other fun things that they might be able to do in their rooms during times of isolation.

In May, we had a “Spring-has-Sprung project.” We organized a clean-up group and “spruced up” the grounds of the church.

In June, we supported the One Week One Street Mission Project, in Saginaw. We partnered with Auburn UMC, Saint Agnes Catholic Church, and the District Youth Group to provide lunch. A total of 293 bagged lunches with a beverage were handed out to our community.

In July and August, we collected school supplies and packed 135 backpacks that were distributed at the Dave Mead Concert. Jennifer Huckeby delivered additional school supplies to elementary and middle schools.

The Dave Mead Concert was amazing! We are thankful for all the community support that we had for this event and what a memorable evening it was. The Public Libraries of Saginaw participated by reading books and providing a craft. Any monetary donations we received benefited a Scholarship Fund that the Church is establishing in honor of former teacher and member Lyndell Kintner and Bruce Ward.

All year we have been collecting food for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Basket distribution that takes place at the Church.

It truly has been a wonderful year of celebration of mission and ministry as we continue to find new ways to engage with the community by sharing God’s love with all people! We give thanks for the support of the members of the church and the response of the community to partner with us for each event.